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Astralis Prove Their Dominance in IEM Ketowice

Astralis Prove Their Dominance in IEM Ketowice

Astralis won another major tournament within two months as they defeated Faze Clain in the IEM Katowice Grand Final 2017.

Are they currently the best CS GO Team in the world?

Astralis made it to the final for third time in a row in 2017 and they won 2 our of 3 major Championships. They won the ELEAGUE Major 2017 against on 29th of January and they were in the semifinal at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas at 10th of February where you can read the recap here.

In the semifinals Astralis won against Heroic with 16-2 on Train and Nuke, while Faze against Immortals in a 16-9 on Inferno and 16-10 on Mirage. Faze Clan made a great tournament in all aspects after the addition of the former Mousesports star Niko to their roster and he truly made the difference.

So briefly the Grand Final started with Faze winning the opening map with 16-9 and there was a point that we were all thinking that Faze Clan has the momentum to make be the big tournament surprise.

But this first map defeat seems that really woke up Astralis that they made it and won the three next maps. All games were competitive but the organization from Denmark was better in every aspect of the game. They won 16-12 on Overpass, 16-12 on Nuke and 16-13 on Inferno which was the last map as this Final was the first with best of three including five maps.

From this Final I think we can have some really good points to make. Faze Clan cannot be disappointed at all with the result. Niko showed that he has the ability to lead the team in the upcoming tournaments and let’s not forget that Faze Clan was not used to qualify from the Group Stage. Let’s hope that they will be a team to focus on the future!

Faze Clan won a team prize of $44.000 while Astralis $104.00 out of the total $250.000.

One more thing that we clearly learnt from the Final is that currently Astralis is the best and most in-form team in the world. 2017 seems to be their year if they continue to compete like this in the next tournaments.

Off course they need to show to us that this competitive gameplay will continue and they will not stay in these early season victories.

Some other remarks from Katowice were Fnatic, as currently they are clearly not playing at their potential and they managed to finish 7/8th place together with and get the amount of $9.000 each.

From the other hand off course was playing “home” in Poland so they really wanted to make a good tournament for their fans but it seems that this caused stress resulting to a not so good tournament.

MVP of the Major Tournament was Andreas ‘Xyp9x’ Hojsleth from Astralis as he clearly led the team with fantastic gameplays.

IEM Katowice was a great tournament and every year comes with new surprises and more competitive teams. But let’s not forget that 2017 season is only at the beginning and there are many news and Championships yet to come. As we can see there are many teams that they are still shaping their game and try to find the right alchemy between the players.

One things is only sure, that this year is going to be massive for CSGO as we are expecting big announcements and more tournaments to come!

If you want to check the Final and the other highlights from Katowice check ESL’s official Youtube Channel for more.

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