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DreamHack Masters Las Vegas – Recap

DreamHack Masters Las Vegas – Recap

The DreamHack Masters Las Vegas tournament has just come to an end. The prize pool of $450,000 has been distributed and, after an intense four days, have emerged victorious. If you are wondering how we got here, read on for a recap of the tournament’s course.

Day One

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A total of 16 teams solved their differences on the battlefield during the group stages. Day one saw four different groups battling it out.

Despite winning the tournament,’s first game against Misfits was actually a very close one. This was particularly interesting as Misfits’s journey in this tournament would not last for very much longer.

Another interesting match was between Gambit Gaming versus Fnatic. GG absolutely dominated Fnatic, who seemed lost on de_Inferno despite the fact that they had previously demonstrated some incredible plays on the map.

Day Two

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The second day of the tournament proved even more exciting as the winning teams were very decisive in their victories. Misfits, TyLoo, Renegades, and compLexity Gaming were all eliminated after disappointing performances.

Astralis, Gambit Gaming, SK Gaming, and mousesports all advanced to the playoffs. Once again, showed a disappointing performance against GG. On the other hand, North showcased a dominating performance against compLexity Gaming.

If you are aching for another match of interest, make sure to catch up SK Gaming against Cloud9 as the Brazilian team established their dominance early on and threw the audience favorites off their game completely.

Day Three

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Once the third day was over, a total of eight teams were already heading home.

North mostly dominated OG despite some valiant efforts from the North American team. North’s Kristian “K0nfig” Wienecke displayed a particularly impressive performance and led his team to a 2-0 victory. made a comeback on Day Three and showcased a performance that foreshadowed their victory in the finals. Though Fnatic fought well in the beginning, simply dominated the rest of the rounds.

Fan-favorites Cloud9 kicked off to a good start, taking a 13-0 lead and making NiP seem completely lost. Soon after, however, NiP seemed to find solid ground and went on to secure a 2-1 victory, sending their opponents home.

Natus Vincere started very confidently, finishing the first map at 16-6. Though FaZe Clan did manage to snatch a victory on the second map, Na’Vi came back strong for the last one and eventually won 2-1.


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The quarterfinals showed an incredible power difference between the teams as all the matches ended in 2-0 victories. The biggest upset came from Gambit Gaming’s loss against North who seemed extremely confident and ready for their opponents.

SK Gaming showed another dominant performance against Natus Vincere. Astralis also seemed to be a top contender as their game against NiP were a joy to watch. Finally, had little trouble against mousesports, despite some great efforts from the team.


Here, SK Gaming looked set to win the tournament. Though North was a fantastic opponent, SK Gaming came out of top and showed that their new roster was capable enough to not only participate in the finals but also breeze their way through every other stage. played very well against Astralis too, a team which had thus far performed at a very high level. After emerging victorious, certainly seemed ready to take on SK Gaming.


VirtusPro Winning

In the beginning, it seemed like SK Gaming would simply continue to dominate in the tournament. However, some bad decisions gave leeway to who immediately pushed for the advantage, and got what they came for.

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