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Faze Clan took Revenge in StarSeries Final

Faze Clan took Revenge in StarSeries Final

Two days ago the the Starladder Series took place and we were lucky enough to watch another one great Final among the best teams in the competitive scene right now, Faze Clan and Astralis.

This was the second final in one of the biggest tournaments that these teams are playing against each other within one month. From this point we can understand the reason that we can name them probably the most inform teams for CSGO currently.

Briefly the tournament was highly competitive and in the semifinals we had Astralis vs Heroic and Faze Clan vs Immortals. Both finalists won their games with 2-0 but we have to say that none of those matches were easy for them. Heroic and Immortals proved that are well trained teams with structured game of play but they need make small improvements for this extra step.

The Final was a traditional best of three instead of the five in Katowice, so in this case both teams had to be more careful as there was no room for mistakes in any map. The first game was a difficult win 16-14  for Astralis and things seems to be tighter for Faze Clan. Second map Nuke was one that Faze Clan were defeated from Astralis, but this time they made it and secured a win with 16-6.

At this point we knew that his final game will be one of the best in the tournament, in terms of tactics, skills and teamwork. In the first half Astralis were happy enough to gain a 10-5 lead but Faze Clan never wanted to lose this Final. They made their comeback with and brought the score to 12-10. In the end we had an Overtime as both teams never seem like losing this Final.

Faze Clan were more determined and they secured a tremendous win defeating Astralis 17-19, probably  the best moment so far for this Organization.

They took their small revenge after their loss in Katowice and now we can clearly say that they are here to stay. Faze Clan is an organization that they had bigger experience in COD but now after the transfer of Niko they are into a new level. Niko’s acquisition was a kind of gamble for Faze Clan but with his skills and experience they have only  finished in the second and first place.

What is really impressive about Faze Clan is that comparing to Astralis for example they have a really multinational team with players from around Europe. It seems that language is not a barrier for them to perform at a top level and the transfer of Niko from Bosnia could be one of the most successful this season.

It seems that we are in a middle of a new rivalry in the CSGO scene especially in the Europe Region. From what we have seen in these two last Finals in Katowice and now in Kiev we are pretty sure that we are going to see some great upcoming matches between those teams. Astralis have a great history in the last one or two years but it seems that Faze Clan are thirsty for success and they have all the ingredients to succeed.

We are looking forward for the next even in Sydney, for the first time that IEM is organizing a big event in Australia and the community there seems to be really excited. Both Astralis and Faze Clan are invited and they are going to compete with the others for a 260.000 Australian Dollars prize pool.

This CSGO Season seems to be one of the most exciting so far so stay tuned for some updated news and stories!

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