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StarSeries Season 3 Roundup: FaZe wins BIG!

StarSeries Season 3 Roundup: FaZe wins BIG!

Season 3 of the CS:GO StarSeries tournament has now come to an end. For those of you who did not watch the finals, I strongly recommend that you do so at your earliest convenience because the matchup between FaZe Clan and Astralis was one of the most exciting ones in recent memory.

In the end, FaZe Clan came out on top and returned home quite a bit richer. However, the battles were quite close throughout, as we will see in the roundup below.

Mirage was the first map of the series and it was one of the closest ones too. Both FaZe Clan and Astralis performed at the top of their game, though the map’s first half ended 8-7 with the advantage going to FaZe who also won the subsequent pistol round.

As one might expect, Astralis was not ready to give up anything. Nicolai ‘device’ Reedtz was particularly impressive and his 1v3 success propelled Astralis forward. The two teams were going head-to-toe, reaching 14-14 through the combination of some incredible fights. In the end, Astralis managed to come out ahead and won Mirage 16-14.

This, however, seems to have evoked some greater power in FaZe Clan. The team was simply dominating Astralis on the second map of the series, Nuke. In the end, Astralis only managed to get six rounds, with the end result being 16-6 in favor of FaZe.

The final map of the series was Inferno. In the beginning, Astralis seemed to be getting the upper hand as the first half was 10-5 in their favor. In fact, the team continuously shut FaZe down and it looked like they would continue to do so for the duration of the map.

FaZe, however, had other plans. Slowly but surely, FaZe won more and more rounds until they emerged victorious at 19-17. The final map was definitely the most exciting and was pretty much a showcase for Fabien ‘kioShiMa’ Fiey. The Player of the Match was consistently good and was a major contributor to his team’s final victory.

Finn ‘karrigan’ Andersen had no issue competing against his former teammates after being removed from Astralis back in October. The rivalry between the two teams will only grow in the future and if it leads to more matches like this then it is most certainly welcome.

The rest of the tournament was less eventful. Both FaZe and Astralis were extremely confident throughout the tournament. In the semifinals, Astralis pretty much dominated Na’Vi, even though the team tried their hardest.

The story for FaZe was similar. Anyone who has been keeping up with the team should know that their growth was substantial. For those who had not seen them before, their fight against HellRaisers in the semifinals should have been incredibly interesting.

FaZe did not have an easy time there as HellRaisers were considered a top contender, having brought down teams like NiP and North. However, FaZe did manage to come out on top on both of the first maps which secured their place in the finals.

Despite the fact that some players and even fans believe that there are too many CS:GO tournaments, StarLadder’s series was one of the most exciting ones so far. Everything about StarSeries was on point, and most of the matches were very exciting.

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