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What is Happening in the ESL Pro League?

So what is happening with the Season 5 ESL Pro League, two weeks before the last matches taking place? Until now we have seen and realized that the competitiveness and skills of each team is increasing and the result is more great plays for us.

But let’s try to put things down for what happened so far and what we are expecting to see in those two last weeks.

First of all, the Standings are more or less how we expect them to be. No big surprises from all the teams as the traditionally strong teams are in the first places.

At this point, it would be good to remind you that the Season Finals will take place in Austin, Texas. Top six teams of each region will go there to compete for the prize pool of 100.000 dollars.

So, in the EU Region, we have Astralis leading the way with 13 wins and a 65% winning ratio with North, NaVi, mousesports, G2 and Faze Clan currently to be the teams that they are going to qualify for the Finals. Fnatic are following in the 7th position with 30 points, 3 less tha G2 and we need to wait to see if they are going to qualify for Austin or not.

Either way I think it is clear that we want the old Fnatic back, because currently this team does not seem to be able to represent the organization as it deserves.

One more surprise is that are currently in the 12th position close to relegation! Lets see how they will perform to avoid future adventures.

NIP and Hellraisers still underperforming in this Season and most probably they will not make it to Top6 until the end of this Season.

So many surprises until now, right?

In the North America Region things are a bit more clear until now. We have 4 teams that are clearly showing that they want to go to Austin and chase make it also to the Big Final. The guys from Brazil, Immortals, are clearly the currently the best team in the Season with 15 wins and an impressive 75% Win ratio!

SK Gaming seems to be currently the best team of both regions and maybe this time they will be able to win the Final, as in previous Season and make it two in a row as they managed in Sao Paolo.

The rest of the teams following Immortals, are Cloud9 ( with the same points), NRG Esports, SK Gaming, Team Liquid and Luminosity. Those are the teams currently qualifying for the Finals and if something not dramatically change, most of them will make it for sure.

The Foundation and Rush seem to need more experience to be able to compete at this level, as the Foundation could not make a win until now and Rush managed to get one. It will not be a surprise if they will relegate for the next Season.

Things are pretty impressive in both Regions right now as we have only two weeks left for the final matches.

It is clear that we have the traditionally strong teams that like to dominate every game, but we have also seen some surprises in the Standings and in some particular matches as well.

One thing is clear that Austin Finals will be massive! It is not one of the Major Tournaments neither the prize pool is huge, but the teams are currently in their best form as all the tournaments are undergoing, the rosters are more or less completed and we have ahead a lot of big events.

Be prepared for more news and analysis for the Finals and all the upcoming events from the CS Go esports.

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