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Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 reveals qualifiers and format

Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 reveals qualifiers and format

While we have known about the Dota 2 Asia Championships (DAC) 2017 since the official announcement in December 17, 2016 by Perfect World’s CEO, Xiao Hong, details about the tournament have been rather scarce. Any news you might have heard have been mostly based either on rumors or on the previous DAC.

However, both the regional qualifiers and the format of the event have now been officially revealed. The participating teams can be seen below but there are some clarifications to be made for those unfamiliar with the tournament.

First of all, a total of four teams have been directly invited to compete in the DAC. Those are Evil Geniuses, Wings Gaming, OG, and Newbee. Though there is some controversy surrounding invited teams, the consensus seems to be that inviting teams with huge names attached to them is an easy and relatively stable way to ensure participation.

In addition to those, there are four teams who have gone through via China’s qualifiers. Those are Invictus Gaming, Team VG.J, LGD.Forever Young, and iG. Vitality. All that leaves us with four spots that will be filled via the regional qualifiers.

Eight teams from each region (Americas, Europe, SEA, and CIS) will compete for those four sports. During phase one, each region will be divided into two groups of four teams. After several ‘Best Of Three’ (BO3) games, the top two teams of each group will qualify for Phase 2.

During that phase, the top two teams of each group will play in yet another BO3 double elimination bracket. The four winners of that will finally qualify for a place in the DAC 2017. The matches are certain to be interesting as each region has something special for fans. In Europe, for instance, the recent roster changes for the majority of the teams should keep everyone on their toes.

The regional qualifiers will take place between February 3-13 while the finals for the DAC 2017 will run from March 28 to April 4. As usual, the LAN Finals will be hosted in Shanghai, China. The Oriental will definitely be a joy to watch, especially after the heated battles of the regional qualifiers.

Images credit: Wykrhm Reddy (Twitter)

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