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EG emerge victorious in Dota Pit Season 5

EG emerge victorious in Dota Pit Season 5

Season 5 of the Dota Pit tournament has come to an end and the spoils of the victors go to Evil Geniuses (EG) from North America. The tournament has been a very interesting ride for all the teams involved. Surprise victories, humbling defeats, and an uproar of technical difficulties all left their mark on the tournament and the participating teams.

EG and OG fought their way through the brackets, eliminating several favorites along the way. And while the lower-bracket matches were certainly interesting to watch, the real focus was always going to be on the finals. After all, the two teams have a very heated history which led to some very intense matches.

Before commenting on each of the final matches, it should be noted that the tournament was marred by a range of technical issues. After completing Game 1 without an issue, the two teams had to wait for several hours before commencing Game 2 due to server problems. Even worse, the final game was similarly delayed, finally starting at 3AM. The organizers have since apologized for the issues but the continuous delays certainly contributed to the players’ fatigue.

Wishing to establish a place as the top contender after losing to OG during the Boston Major, EG went in to Game 1 with a lot of hope and a CC-heavy, aggressive line-up. This, however, turned against them as OG were seemingly well-prepared for such a strategy. Anathan “ana” Pham’s Alchemist, combined with some fantastic work from Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka’s Rubick, resulted in a 31-minute win for OG.

Game 2 was an equally great game for Rubick, only this time it was EG’s Andreas Franck “Cr1t” Nielsen who was in control. The action-packed match saw EG picking kills and objectives left and right, evening the finals at the 38-minute mark.

Following that, EG seemed to make a fatal mistake when they allowed Vainikka to freely pick Earth Spirit. Focusing on farming instead of objectives, EG were slowly left behind. After a disastrous team fight for EG at 46 minutes, OG was victorious only two minutes later.

The stakes were high now for EG and, fortunately for them, OG were seemingly too eager to finish the tournament. Game 4 was fast-paced from the very start with EG gradually getting more kills and objectives than their opponents. Despite a viable effort to defend themselves, OG were defeated after 48 minutes.

After the long delay, both teams aimed to perform at the best of their abilities at Game 5. At first, it seemed like OG would triumph over EG once again. As the game went on, however, it became evident that EG were not going to let go. After gaining several advantages over their opponents, a few fantastic fights led them to victory in the straining 50-minute final match.

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