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AS Roma & Fnatic: How the future of FIFA eSports is shaping?

AS Roma & Fnatic: How the future of FIFA eSports is shaping?

AS Roma decided to enter into the virtual FIFA world. They partnered together with Fnatic to introduce the first FIFA professional team in Italy, following other professional clubs such as PSG, West Ham and others.

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The roster for the AS Roma Fifa Team includes Sam “Poacher” Carmody, Aman “Aman” Seddiqi, and Nicoló “Insa” Mirra with Manager Colin Johnson.  The official jersey will be from AS Roma with the Fnatic logo in the middle.

The team is already together and started to get ready for the next official tournaments, in order to be able to compete for the first time representing Roma.

But what is the most important fact in this collaboration? It is that for the first time we saw a partnership of an eSports organization with a football club.

What Roma decided to do was to create a joint venture organization together with Fnatic. They chose this wise way of building their Team, because they did not had the experience of Fnatic in the Esports.

Basically in business terms Roma decided to outsource their FIFA team to Fnatic, a leading esports organization, because they knew probably that the benefits from this relationship would be much more than trying to build the whole team from scratch.

The contract most probably is beneficial for both sides as they eliminate the risk for this project. From one hand AS Roma entered in the Esports world without any prior knowledge and from the other hand Fnatic added another team in their already successful roster.

Together they created a big brand in FIFA terms. AS  Roma one of the most popular teams in Italy and in Europe and Fnatic probably the most popular eSports organization in Europe and maybe globally.

So now they can get the most out of every different “world” , meaning the real football and the esports.

Could we call this move game changing in the FIFA esports world? Definitely!

The first move was made from Paris Saint Germain in October 2016, when they partnered together with Webedia to create the PSG Esports team for LOL, FIFA etc. Webedia is the team behind the famous ESWC that takes place in Paris every year.

Maybe AS Roma took the idea out of this first move, but they decided to make also an extra step. Webedia actually consulted Paris Saint Germain how to create the organization and they did not partnered together as Fnatic and AS Roma.

We should get prepared to see some more of those moves and collaborations from many Football Clubs in the future. Esports organizations are those tribes that can give to the Football Clubs the necessary knowledge and players off course to compete in the FIFA esports world.

Since last year more and more Football teams decided to create their FIFA esports team and the latest move as from AS Roma. Should we expect to see one of those players competing for the World Championship? Lets wait and see.

It is obvious now that FIFA is growing and will grow even more in the next months. Football Clubs seems to understand the value of esports and decided to invest further into it. Together with the knowledge of already mature esports organization that could only benefit FIFA and help it to grow faster and in a more quality way.

Not forget to mention that the FIWC Regional Finals are under way so take a look in the latest articles about the biggest FIFA tournaments you could compete and stay tuned for a review of last week’s event in Miami.

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