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FUT Season 2 Vancouver Preview

This weekend is the first of part of the Season 2 Regional Finals for the Final that is going to take part in Berlin later this year.

There are going to be two main events in Vancouver, Canada, one for the Rest of World Qualification and one for the Americas Qualifications. From those two different events we are going to have 4 people joining the Final, two from each day.

But let’s try to put things down for the upcoming days!

On 21st of April, we are going to have the event for the Rest of the World Leaderboard, the best players that performed in the Season FUT Season. Rest of the World easily could be explained all the countries that are not part of the Americas or Europe. And trust us there many great players that are not part of those countries so this day will be really good as well.

Already we have xX ThE RoYaL Xx & Mr. D0ne as representatives from the first Season so tomorrow we will wait to see the rest of them for the Rest of World region. Saudi Arabia is for sure going to Berlin this year.

On 22nd of April, the Americas event is going to take place in Vancouver for one more day full of pro FIFA gaming. From this event, we are going to have on player qualifying for Berlin and based on what we have seen in Miami this one will be also highly competitive. The fact that only one player will qualify is giving the event a great touch.

In Miami, RaFifa defeated another Brazilian in the Final and he made it for Berlin. Now it’s time to see if Brazil will be strong enough to compete for another spot in Berlin.

In both events, we are going to see some players that they were also in Miami last February and this time they are going to give it all for one place in Vancouver.

The format of the tournament will be usual for those FUT events, two different group stages leading to brackets for each console, PS4 and XB1. The finalists of each console will have to play two final games each in a different console and the best of those two games will end up as the big finalist of the event.

This format is highly competitive as both players will need to perform in their own console and then be able to play at the best level on their opponent console.

It is clear that his Season FUT is coming to an end with those two events coming this weekend and we will be able to see clearly the final players that are going to compete for the final prize.

We should not forget to mention that for each event the pool prize will be 100.000 dollars! An amount that we were not used to seeing in a FIFA tournament.

So this weekend is going to be dedicated to FIFA competitive scene! For more information check the below official link from EA Sports with the basic tournament details and the players competing in it.

After the tournament stay tuned for the recap and the analysis of what happened those two days in Vancouver and what’s coming up next in FIFA esports.

In case you missed the previous article find the link to check all the OP players of this year’s FUT players. Pretty sure you will find the in weekend’s game chosen by many pro players.

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