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FUT Season 2 Vancouver Recap

So what happened in Vancouver the weekend before, where the Regional Finals Season 2 took place for the Rest of the World and the Americas? Let’s try to walk through the event and analyze players, strategies, winners and losers.

First of all, as we mentioned in our preview article they event was spat in two different days, one for the Rest of the World Region and the other for the Americas.

We might always say that Europe is the most competitive Region but in this event we say some great players getting the ticket to Berlin Finals from both Regions and based on what we say they might be able to compete for the huge prize.

But let’s start with the first day where the Rest of the World Region took place. We have to admit that both different consoles had some very good players that they deserved equally to qualify for the knockout rounds but they small details made the difference.

In the Group Stage for the XB1 the best players performed were IBRAVE HEART Z and MSDOSSARY7. Both of them made it with 3 wins to the next round and they were really dominant with their gameplay through the whole tournament.

On the other hand for the PS4 console, all the players were equally good but no one was really dominant through the group stage as none of them had 3 straight wins, something that we don’t really face in this stage of the Regionals.

In the bracket stage, we saw some great games as well, but only 4 players made it to the final of each console and in this case, only the winners of those finals were going to make it Berlin.

In the XB1 Final MSDOSSARY7 won against JETMERKEN with 3-0 score and at this point, we have to say that from the beginning it was clear that MSDOSSARY7 came Vancouver to win!

For the PS4 Final, FIFANTOMCR won against SAMER96 with 3-0 score as well.

In the Grand Final happened exactly what we were expecting and as Spencer already told us from the Group Stage. MSDOSSARY7 literally left no chance to FIFANTOMCR and with a 4-2 aggregate score, he won the Grand Final. We are sure that he is going to be a competitor for the huge prize pool in Berlin.

The Americas now, a little bit more competitive Region for the qualification was coming next in the second day of the event. For this Region, there were some players that we expected to perform through this tournament as they had already experience in the past.

For the XB1 group stage, we did not have any surprises as most of the players we were expecting to qualify they made it through the next stage. Hashtag Mike, xGUASTELLAx  were they players that we were expecting to perform in the brackets as well and they almost did it.

In the end, xGUASTELLAx won the final against JOCA CESC with an impressive 5-0 as final score. xGUASTELLAx experience was the key to the success through the tournament as he knew where he was and he was there to win and perform.

For the PS4 group stage, things were flowing more or less as the in XB1 console. They were some players described as clear favorites for the bracket stage and we had a great final where NYC Mike won against manbir2472. The most impressive part of it was that NYC Mike came from the losers bracket, something that’s happening not so often in so competitive tournaments.

So we had four players qualified for Berlin Finals and now we would need to give the crown the best player of the day and for the Season 2 Americas Region.

xGUASTELLAx was impressive in the Grand Final against NYC Mike and left him with no option as his defending skills were so confident and in conjunction with his experience the 31-year-old American was the big winner of the day. Well deserved!

Stay tuned as this weekend the Season 2 Europe Finals are taking place in Europe so an analysis is coming soon for the most competitive FIFA Season we have faced so far.

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