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FUT Weekend League – How to Play in the Competitive Scene

FUT Weekend League – How to Play in the Competitive Scene

FIFA 17 brought competitive gaming in our daily life even for the casual gamer that he doesn’t have too much free time to spend on FIFA.

FUT Weekend League is the most successful feature of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team and below we will write some things to take care of if you would like to compete professionally in the FUT Champions will could lead you to FIWC Finals that are taking place around the world.

One of the most important things you need to understand is that the Weekend League is real competitive future in FIFA 17. During this professional players all over the world compete with each other to make the best win record in order to be able to qualify for a Regional Final that will lead them in the Big Final.

So be ready to face difficult challenges in your road to success. But this also a great feature that you can have every weekend. Competing with the best will only make you better player and will improve your gameplay.

First important thing off course is the Team and the adjustability you will have based on the rewards, packs etc. Off course it would be very good to build the team based on your gameplay needs and style and have a solid structure.

But a good point you might want to take into consideration is the factor that this game feature is highly competitive and most important in your gameplay should be your defense.  Try to build a solid defense, play deep and have player with good pace to hit on the counter attacks.

It is a strategy among professional players in those competitive features the counter attack gameplay. It does not mean that you will not have the control the game, but with this gameplay you will be able to absorb the opponent’s attack and be able to have counter attacking opportunities that will give you the lead and eventually the win.

So you will need players that will match your style of play. Off course that does not mean that you will need to follow the counter attack gameplay, that was an example that you should build also your team and the chemistry between them based on your style.

Be ready to stay in a Division for a long time, especially if you are close to the Elite class. Based on your skills and the way you compete on the Weekend League you will climb through the Rankings on your way to the top. If you stay two weekends in the same Rank, don’t be disappointed, each Weekend you will have the opportunity to practice in a real competitive simulation tournament with great rewards.

Adjust your team in the new players and rewards you will get every week. By the time you will start getting the rewards you will have some great opportunities to involve new players in your squad or trade them for coins.

It is really important to take advantage of every player in your roster and if you feel that the current player does not fit your gameplay trade him wisely. There are always some OP players in FUT that you will find them in most of the teams you will face, but that does not mean that this player will fit to your squad.

So based on the above you will now have a nice overview about the strategy you could build in the Weekend Leagues and what’s happening there every week.

Take a look at the Official FUT website to learn more about this feature.

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