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How to improve your skills in competitive FIFA gaming? 8 Tips to follow!

As FIFA is becoming more and more popular in the esports industry it is clear that the competition between the players will keep growing as more and more players would like to chase the dream of becoming a professional FIFA esports player.

But there are some tips and practices that everyone could follow that could help him improve their skills and be more competitive in every game.

From our opinion these are some things that could make the difference to every FIFA player.

  1. FIFA competitive gaming is a total different story than casual play with friends. Every player will need to have the right mentality for the game. Mentality is becoming more and more important as many times even the best players cannot stand the stress in the big tournaments. You have to be prepared for this game or tournament.
  1. The team you will choose will always be one of the most important factors. In every FIFA version there is a clear a top 5 teams that based on statistics is the best. But every player could have a different approach in every team. The best practice would be to play with different teams that are the most competitive in stats and try to find the gameplay that suits you better. Off course FUT is a another story.
  1. Tactics is always important. Your style of play will influence your tactics as well. FIFA is not about possession and the best players based their gameplay in counter attack. You will have to find the tactics that suits you better and helps you improve your gameplay.
  1. In-game tactics is another game strategy. You can start a game playing a little bit more defensive in order to understand the other player’s gameplay and intention and based on this you could adjust your play. Understanding your opponent is always a great winning tool for the best players.
  1. Skills and dribbles from players are not only for show-off. These skills moves could become very important for your gameplay as they could give you an opportunity for a shot or a clear chance. You could practice on your own or check some Youtube tutorials to find the best skills moves.
  1. Through Balls and Corners, two in game factors that they could even give a win. Some players prefer to choose players with pace in order to counter attack and play in the open space. You could defend either with play deeper or with man marking against the opponent. Corners are now very important if you use them with the right tactics. FIFA 17 developed the corner kicks and now with the right approach could give you a scoring opportunity.
  1. Defending will always be the key to every win you will have. Once you take a lead be prepared to defend for it. It does not matter if you win with a high score or just 1-0 a win always a win and every attack is starting from the defence.
  1. Last and most important it will be practice off course! Practising and playing against other players will be crucial for your skills set. Playing against the best will help you more as you will be able to see where you are lacking against the top and to adapt some plays that you might miss.

Once you read those tips you could try to work on them and starting compete in the tournaments across the world. For the best tournaments you could check one of our latest article.

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