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The Best Players in FIFA 17 FUT

The Best Players in FIFA 17 FUT

The FUT Season for the FIWC qualifiers is unofficially over since last week was the one that the ranks were decided and based on the Top10 we are going to watch some great games in the upcoming tournaments.

But after couple of months playing and attending the FUT Weekends it is pretty sure that we were able to identify that every  competitive team had some certain players in the starting eleven or in the bench.

In this article we will try to identify them, explain the reason behind this and get a good insight of those players abilities and off course their “value for money” case. Certainly we are not going to check players that are proven the best with really expensive prices, but try to find those hidden gems.

Just to make it clear before starting with the players, most of them are from the Barclays Premier League. It was not something that we did on purpose but this year EA decided to give more attention in this League so mainly the OP players are coming from English teams.

Jack Butland – Overall 82 – Price : 2.000 Coins – Position : GK

Jack ButlandEasily we could name him as the best Goalkeeper in the game. Well ok there is always Manuel Neuer, but in FIFA 17 Jack Butland is something different. His stats are not so great, but the way he defends his post is more than great. Unfortunately his season was not the best so there is no special card for him yet, but even the basic card is one of the best you could choose. Especially at this price this card is a bargain and you will easily find him even in some top competitive squads from Pro players.

Kyle Walker – Overall 82 – Price : 15.500 Coins Position : RB

Kyle WalkerMost probably the best RB in all the FIFA latest series. From 2014 already Kyle Walker was the defender with the best pace, something really important for FIFA lately. He has a great defending attitude and either if you are playing attacking or defending football he can easily be the best solution for you. If you want to invest in a player for the right back position of your defense Kyle Walker is the right choice, as you will probably never change him for the rest of the season.

Eric Bailly – Overall 82 – Price : 5.800 Coins Position : CB

Eric BaillyAfter his transfer to Manchester United his name became popular all over the world but for FIFA players it was already. This year Eric Bailly is one of the most “paced” CB you could find in game and together with this great defending attributes is easily a beast in the center of your back line.   His price also is quite attractive as with 5.800 you could get a player that will be able to perform against any other striker. Extra tip is that he is making a great pair with Chris Smalling.

N’golo Kante – Overall 83 – Price : 26.000 Coins Position : CM/CDM

N’golo KanteKante is a must player for every competitive squad in FIFA 17. He just dominates the midfield and together with this stamina he is covering every part of it. He is mainly considered a defensive midfielder and this is partially true, but he will not disappoint you as he occasionally make some good attacking runs. Kante has also some special cards due to his performances but those are pretty expensive. Kante is basically one of the best midfielders that you can leave him in front of your defense and do all the dirty job. With 26.000 coins is a great addition in every team.

Renato Sanches – Overall 78 – Price : 1.800 Coins  Position : CM

Renato SanchesAfter this performance in the Euro Cup with Portugal Bayern was the team that secured the signing of the wonderkid. In FIFA 17 this kid is one of the best midfielders you could have at your team and even on the bench on high competitive level. Many Pro players even keep him in the starting eleven in big tournaments. Do not worry about his overall, if you start play with him you will understand how OP he is. In addition his low price make him a real bargain for every gamer. Do not hesitate to to buy him as one of your first signings and I am sure he will not disappoint you.

Anthony Martial – Overall 82 – Price : 18.500 Coins  Position : LM/LF

Anthony MartialPossibly one of the deadliest strikers forwards in FIFA 17. Martial’s position is LM, but if you change his position to LF then you can have the perfect striker for your game. This is mainly the reason that his price is a bit more expensive and not match with his general overall. Together with a Sniper Chemistry Style Martial can reach high level and be one of your players that will have a huge impact in your gameplay. The price for what his young Frenchman can do, totally worth it so if you have the budget and you want a second striker or a winger for your game, just invest in him.

Ahmed Musa – Overall 78 – Price : 1.300 Coins  Position : ST

Ahmed MusaDo you need a striker full of pace to dominate counter attacks? Well if yes, Musa is your player. If not he still is your ideal striker as he is one of the most talented across the game. His finishing skills together with his pace makes him unbeatable and very hard for the opponent to defend. At this price it will be difficult to find any better striker so Musa might be your player to start the seasons in FUT. Off course there are better strikers than Musa, but you will not let you down in any game.

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