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The Biggest FIFA Tournaments you should Take a Look

The Biggest FIFA Tournaments you should Take a Look

FIFA growth in eSports is going beyond the community’s expectations and in the next years we should be prepared to see more of FIFA competitive action.

But which are the most traditional and biggest tournaments that every player would would like to enter in the eSports scene should be aware of.

Let’s check them together.


The Official EA Sports Championship that is running through the whole year with a lot of opportunities for every player that would like to complete with other players throughout the world. In 2017 EA introduced a new structure of the tournament, an FUT Tournament with Weekend Cups, Regional Qualifications and a Final in the end of every season.

FIWC is a well structured tournament that gives you the opportunity to compete every week in a very high level.

FIWC is nominating the World Champion as it is the official EA Sports tournament.


The Gfninity FIFA tournaments are also a great opportunity to enter in the FIFA eSports scene.

They offer weekly Knock Out Cup opportunities with prizes and the also organize twice a year the FUT Championships, in which you could qualify through some special brackets and ladders.

Through Gfinity came on top one of the best FIFA players, Huge Gorilla, who really showed up his talent in those tournaments.

Gfnity is a great opportunity for early competitive players who would like to start checking their skills and play with professional players all over the world.

In order to be able to enter in those cups and tournaments you have to pay a monthly subscription to Gfinity and after this you are free to join and compete for every available tournament.


Until 2016 ESWC was running only once a year but due to the demand of the fans for the esports the are now organizing two conventions, one in the Autumn and one during the winter.

ESWC is something like the unofficial World Championship due to the high level of competitiveness and for that reason all the popular FIFA players gather up in the event every year.

ESWC showed us some great games through the years and introduced to the fans also top quality players that made their breakthrough in this tournament.

Entering in the ESWC tournament is a little bit harder than the others as most of the players are receiving an invitation to join the tournament, this is one of the reasons that top players are competing with each other in this tournament, so the free sports through qualifications rounds are not so many.

Moreover there are always qualifications taking place before the tournament so keep your eyes open and be ready to grab your controller and enroll yourself for this great opportunity.

Those are the main and biggest FIFA tournaments you could compete through the year but it does not mean that they are the only. In every country in the world there are organized FIFA tournaments with big prizes for every player that would like to enter in this great world of esports.

If you want to pursue a career in FIFA those tournaments will give you the biggest boost. Every scouter, organization and Football Club are waiting in those tournaments to see the next big talent in the industry.

Take a look in the link bellow where you can find all the necessary information for the tournaments, dates and how to qualify.

If you want to get a better insight why FIFA is going to dominate in the eSports industry in the next years read our last article about it.

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