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Why EA decided to increase massively FIFA Prize Pools?

Why EA decided to increase massively FIFA Prize Pools?

It is true that through the years FIFA was always have been one of the favourite games across the games worldwide. But we have to admit also that FIFA entered very late in the competitive gaming scene.

On the top of that delay one more factor that was keeping FIFA esports down was the lack of investment in the prizes pools from EA and other organizations.

But off course if EA does not support its own product, how can they expect from the others to follow? And that was a big change from EA that drove a massive development of the competitive scene in 2016 and continues in 2017.

Through the previous years EA was organizing the FIWC Tournament with a prize only for the winner the amount of $15.000. In 2016 they started to change the way of thinking and increase this amount to $25.000, the one that Mohamad Al-Bacha won in one of the best Finals we have seen.

But let’s be real, comparing to the other games in the esports industry the amount of $25.000 for the winner of the Official Tournament from EA is not really an amount that will attract more players and investors.

Just to have a an slight overview what the others esports Official Tournaments pool prizes look like keep in your mind that The International 2016 Dota 2 Tournament had a Prize Pool of $20,770,640.00 with the winning team to receive almost half of it.

Dota 2 International might be an exception as it uses a crowdfunding campaign to support the Prize pool, but LoL 2016 World Championship had also $5,070,000.00 as a prize.

It is clear that there is no true comparison between the amounts in FIFA and in Dota or LOL, but lets see how EA boosted up FIFA a little bit.

2017 FIWC has now the biggest Prize Pool that FIFA players have ever seen throughout these years.

EA Sports announce $1.3 million for the Ultimate Team Championship Series for this year and in addition FIWC Prize Pool is now 300.000$. All of us we can see this great difference between this and the previous years.

EA understood that by investing money in the competitive scene that will only bring more and more to the community.

And what happened after this announcement and the strategic move from EA?

In 2016 we had the first Football Clubs signing FIFA Professional players to represent them in the Official Tournaments with some really big clubs such as PSG, Schalke  and AS Roma.

2016 was the year with the most FIFA tournaments across the world, both online and LAN, some of them organized by big organizations such as ESL, Gfnity etc.

In 2017 are going to take place the first official  Country FIFA Leagues, the E-Ligue in France and the E-Divisie in Netherlands.

Recently ESPN and BTSports announce partnership with EA for the live broadcast of the Official Tournaments, as football even in the digital world would be something that many people would like to see.

There are also so many things that have been organized in the background but it is clear that FIFA is going to play a huge role in the esports industry in the next years as EA started to take it seriously.

Their decision to support more than ever the game competitive mode raise the awareness of many investors, organizations and players off course that this game has a lot to bring in the future.

Stay tuned for more news to follow on how FIFA is being developed in the eSports industry.


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