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Why FIFA is growing tremendously in Esports?

Why FIFA is growing tremendously in Esports?

Were you playing FIFA in the previous years and you were kind of jealous that other games are gaining room in the Esports market, while you had few opportunities to show your skills in FIFA?

Well the next years will be your big opportunity.

In 2016 EA strategists from EA decided to change their plans and started to see the future in the competitive mode of the game where they could see that is a great area that the game could grow. The first step from them was that for the production of FIFA 2017 they hired couple of Gaming Competitive Officers in order to work on the piece where FIFA was lacking “ How to covert FIFA from an arcade game into an Esports competitive game”.

FIFA 17 included a different engine, Frostbite in order to make the game more realistic but more competitive as well. The reviews were great, the community loved the game and also the profits for EA were above expectations. But what is the most important feature? That EA decided to invest more in Esports area.

4 years ago EA was running officially the FIWC through PlayStation only, a great tournament that it was taking place through the whole season with Finals around June. But this was not enough even if this tournament was loved from players all over the world. In 2016-2017 EA decided to evolve the whole Tournament with LAN Regional qualifications around the world, with the Finals in London.

Last week the first Regional Qualifier took place and it was a great chance to realize how FIFA has evolved in the Esports culture and the growth it has already.

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During these years Gfinity, the online gaming platform, started to build their own FIFA Esports platform. In the first years online Cups and Ladders were taking place through the whole year with 180 players competing each other in every Cup. Those Cups were full every time so Gfinity realized that FIFA has a great potential they decided to try something big!

From 2013 Gfinity hosts big tournaments with huge prizes only for players that can qualify through their website. Everyone can compete in and is a great chance to check your skills and grow in the esports scene.

And now the main factor that FIFA has already grew and will continue to grow in the eSports area.

Football Clubs are now in the game. They started since 2015 to sign professional FIFA players with contracts to represent their Club in Tournaments, Streams and shows. This is the most interesting aspect in the future of FIFA in esports. Official Clubs with signed players competing with each other.

In 2015 Schalke F.C signed the first FIFA player Benedikt Salzer and until today all the big European Clubs are following this way. Paris Saint Germain decided to establish an esports organization with FIFA as the main game and this is the reason they signed two of the best FIFA players, August “Agge” Rosenmeier and Lucas “Daxe” Cuillerier.

In Winter 2016 PSG and Agge won the first FIFA Esports Cup between Official Clubs that took place in Legia.

With all those news coming every FIFA player should be excited for what to follows. If you think that you want to chase a career in FIFA Esports now is your chance to take. With so many opportunities almost every week, big tournaments through the year and Football Clubs looking for the best talents to recruit and sign them I don’t think there anyone should be wait.

Take a look at following links for the FIWC and the GFinity tournaments that are taking place and stay tuned for more FIFA news to come.



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