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Faker’s first Twitch stream hit individual record of 245.000

Faker was back in streaming action this week and the whole community was there to support him.

The stream during the peak time had more or less 245.100 viewers and this is the highest streaming attendance of an individual in the Twitch days. A record well deserved from Faker , considered the best League Of Legend player from the gaming eSports community, as he stated that he wants to build his future in Twitch and make more often and entertaining streams.

Faker, currently signed for SKT T1 , was the MVP of 2016 World Championship as SK T1 also won the Tournament and a Prize Pool rounded up 420.000$.

Until recently SK1 T1 had a contract with Azubu and now the contract is over Faker and the rest of SK Organization decided to try their luck on Twitch, a streaming platform that is commonly used in Europe and US.

The response was great from the fans as they remained in the stream for around 2,5 hours watching Faker aggressive plays in the MidLane. Actually the stream achieved to have more viewers than other Major Tournaments on Twitch and that was just the beginning from the Organization.

If Faker decides to continue his streams and it seems he will we might see some changes in the List of the most favourable League of Legends Channels in the next few months.

Although it was admitted that this first stream had some kind of problems, those were recognized from the community, Faker and SK T1 as well.

The first and most important might be that the Stream was translated from Korean to English, through a Translator. That was problematic during the whole stream and as it was admitted from the fans, they could not enjoy the play and they felt that this also affected Faker’s mood during the stream.

In this matter SKT Head Coach Choi “L.i.E.S” Byung-hoon came up and made the statement that in the future all the SK T1 players will learn English in order to be able to provide to the fans a quality stream.

Another point that Choi mentioned is they were not also aware that stream was live in other platforms as well, something that also affected the stream quality during these 2,5 hours. It seems also that the translator missed some important statements, answers from Faker or she could not transfer some fan questions to him.

Choi made clear that the translation trial was not successful and they are planning to make the necessary changes in order to improve it.

SK T1 are looking to invest more in the Streaming Platform after this huge record from Faker and this direction seems that is going to make the Organization Brand more popular also in the western markets. In Korea SK T1 is dominating but in Europe and USA there was this gap between Azubu and the community.

Lets wait to see what Faker will bring to us through this new streaming show that is going to make in the next months. We should not also forger that SK T1 are the defending Champions and they look forward to make it for a second time in a row.

If they want this to happen they have to keep Faker in a good shape! We will stay tuned to catch his incredible plays in the next stream show he will schedule in the upcoming weeks.

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