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Work on your last-hitting skills with the new Practice Tool

Work on your last-hitting skills with the new Practice Tool

A little over a year ago, Riot Games started a new content series which aimed to address many of the issues that players had with League of Legends. Poking a bit of fun at themselves, the aptly named ‘Riot Pls’ came off to a rocky start.

One of the reasons was that Riot seemed determine not to introduce any kind of substantial practice tool, a feature that is oft-requested by many players and deemed a necessity by the rest.

Later, however, the company completely changed their mind. Three months ago, during their Road to Pre-Season series, Riot mentioned that a practice tool was indeed in the works. Their initial announcement did not include a lot of details except for hinting at a sandbox-like mode where players from all kinds of divisions could benefit from fine-tuning their skills or just trying out a new champion.

Now, the actual Practice Tool is available on the Public Beta Environment, the invite-only beta client where players can test new features before they become available on the public channel. Once again, Riot emphasized that this Tool is not simply meant for beginners but for everyone who would like to hone their LoL skills in various areas.

According to the official announcement, the Practice Tool virtually fulfills all of the elements promised by Riot. Because the tool is still in its infancy, it will not have a complete set of features.

Instead, there are certain areas that it will focus on for now: champion mechanics and combos, jungle practice, endless last hitting, item build DPS checks, and map familiarity. The latter refers to practices such as successful ward placement and not banging your character against walls with unsuccessful flashes.

As such, there are several list of commands that will be available to players in this first iteration. These include auto-refresh for cooldowns, HP, and energy resources (mana, rage, energy, etc), level controls (including locking), teleporting to various targets, reviving yourself, and more. As for the game state, players will be able to fast-forward the time, respawn jungle camps, spawn enemy and allied dummies, controlling turrets, and managing minions.

Having spent an unhealthy amount of time attempting to teach basics like last hitting to newcomer friends, this feature is a godsend. There are numerous scenarios where the Practice Tool could come in handy and Riot has outlined some of the potential ones which you can see below.

Though the Practice Tool is missing some features, more of them will be added over time. For now, Riot probably wants to ensure that players can become familiar with a sandbox-like mode. Aside from additional commands and settings, the only major feature I would like to see in the future is multiplayer support so that you can actually practice with friends without having to resort to custom games.

Scenario 1: Endless Lv1 last hitting practice

  1. Start Practice Tool
  2. Enable turrets invulnerable
    • This will prevent minions from accidentally taking the tower.
  3. Lock level
    • This will prevent you from leveling up, so you can keep practicing at Lv1 damage (or whatever level you decide to lock at)
  4. After shopping, teleport to lane
    • Why walk?
  5. Fast forward the game 90sec to get minions into the lane.
    • Why wait?
  6. Practice endless last hitting!

Scenario 2: Early jungle clear practice

  1. Start Practice Tool
  2. After shopping, teleport to your preferred starting camp
    • No need to walk
  3. Fast forward the game 60sec
    • No need to wait forever for camp spawns
  4. Practice your jungle route!
  5. After a few levels, you can hit “Reset Game” and immediately try again with no loading.
    • If you ever want to practice a specific camp, just use the “Respawn jungle” button and force them to respawn over and over.

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