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Bastion buffs are coming to the PTR

Bastion buffs are coming to the PTR

Though Overwatch is generally seen as a well-balanced game that allows for varied combinations, there are some heroes which rarely see the light of day in competitive environments.
Bastion, for instance, is easily one of the most prominent examples of this. Most players have a love or hate relationship with the transforming robot. However, his situational strengths make him a less viable pick in the competitive scene. His demanding form goes is contrasted by the fast-paced nature of the game and his biggest advantages are usually countered quite easily, particularly by the pros.

Now, it seems like Bastion will be getting some love as Geoff Goodman, a game designer, recently confirmed on the forums. As Geoff mentioned, Bastion will be receiving a host of changes to his core skills.

That way, Blizzard might be able to find a middle ground between his current situation of destroying everyone or being shut down hard. As always, the changes will first arrive in Overwatch’s Public Test Realm (PTR) before (and if) they make their way to the live channel.

Bastion’s current situation has left him in an unfavorable position. Other defensive heroes have been reworked or buffed up to compliment their playstyle but Bastion’s strengths can rarely be exploited. Even when an entire team is built around him and protects him, there is no guarantee that he will be able to dish out his signature damage.

To note, here are some of the proposed changes that Geoff hopes will arrive in the next round of PTR testing.

Recon Mode – Lowered spread and increased magazine size, to help with general viability in this mode.

Sentry Mode – We’re looking at focusing this mode into more of a tank-buster and barrier-buster mode, while also making it feel less suicidal to be transformed. To that end we’re testing stuff like increased spread and removing headshots, but taking less damage while transformed.

Self-Repair – We’ve been testing a few big changes to this that are feeling really good so far. Currently our internal build has Bastion able to use Self-Repair while moving and also having it no longer interrupted when taking damage. To balance that out it is now on a resource system (similar to the route D.Va’s defense matrix went). These changes have turned this ability from a more niche rarely used ability, to a much more powerful and core survivability tool.

These changes definitely seem be going on the right direction. Recon Mode has always needed a buff, for instance, and headshots in Sentry Mode never really made sense to me. Turning Bastion into something other than “stand here while I wreak havoc or die” kind of hero will be a daunting challenge but Blizzard may well pull out a rabbit out of its hat for this one.

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