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Doomfist Hints, Save Custom Maps and More on the upcoming update

Doomfist Hints, Save Custom Maps and More on the upcoming update

Overwatch is experiencing a sleuth of changes and added features as Blizzard continues to honor its commitment to its massively successful team-based shooter.

More specifically, lore-hungry fans have uncovered new evidence for Doomfist while other, more technical features were also revealed.

Doomfist is a particularly interesting character in Overwatch’s lore. Three individuals in-universe have held the title: The Savior, the Scourge, and the Successor.

The names and portraits of the two have already been revealed via posters in the game’s Hollywood map with the third one remaining a mystery. The title comes from the eponymous gauntlets that each of the heroes has donned, a gauntlet that is also visible in other areas.

For instance, it was what Widowmaker and Reaper were attempting to steal in the original cinematic. Furthermore, it is what’s encased inside the glass container on the Numbani payload. This last part is particularly important as a user on Reddit discovered new PTR files which strongly hint towards some sort of Doomfist reveal.

The files have a model of the payload with broken glass which might suggest that the Doomfist gauntlet has been stolen, or returned to someone else in the lineage. Of course, files on the PTR are often there for testing purposes and there is no way to tell exactly what their purpose is, if any.

With that said, Blizzard has been known to create hype for new events and heroes both inside and outside the game. It is likely that they knew a player would data-mine the PTR files and this might be the first in a line of hints and suggestions. And as if all of that was not enough, you can now watch Terry Crews in a mock audition for Doomfist’s voice, courtesy of Yahoo eSports.

In other news

Capture the Flag will now feature two more maps with subtle changes. On Ilios, the time has been changed to sunset, allowing for more shadows and a relaxing orange hue instead of the standard mid-day affair. On Nepal, time has been reversed completely with the moon standing vigilant on the night sky.

Though these are the same maps as before, the alternate time changes are certainly refreshing, particularly on Nepal. Blizzard could certainly do the same in other maps, such as King’s Row. Setting specific times for game modes like CTF is also an interesting choice that allows for further variation.

CTF has been very well-received by the community and will obviously become a permanent mode. It now boasts 12 different maps though both Nepal and Ilios are currently on PTR only. Even so, their release on the live channel is inevitable.


Players will one day be able to actually save the custom maps they create on the Server Browser. The map customization system, currently available in the PTR, is a lot of fun but any progress you make is automatically erased.

Writing on the game’s forum, Overwatch’s Game Director, Jeff Kaplan, revealed that there are plans to allow players to save their presets. However, he also noted that this feature will not be available in the first version of Server Browser.

For now, players will have to resort to other methods such as taking screenshots of their creations. Thankfully, players are also able to “clone other players’ custom games” simply by going into the info section of the browser and copying all the settings from there.

Obviously, these methods are quite crude but the Server Browser is still in its infancy so there is not much else we can expect. Blizzard has been pretty good thus far on listening to community feedback so the final version of the feature will most likely have all those features attached.

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