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OGN’s APEX Season 2 is well under way

OGN’s APEX Season 2 is well under way

It is an exciting day for Overwatch fans as the Season 2 of the APEX tournament is finally under way. For those of you who are just now tuning in, the group stages of APEX follow a round-robin tournament format where each team competes against in each other in turns, with the top two of each group qualifying for the next round.

During the quarterfinals, the tournament will feature two sides with a total of six matches for each one. Then, the first team from each side will compete against the second team of the opposite one in order to declare the final teams. The finals are set to take place on the 8th of April so there is plenty of time for entertainment as this year’s tournament will feature a total of 40 matches, up from 31 of last year’s APEX.

There are four groups in total and there is already some controversy regarding the placements. OGN has not revealed any details about the process of matching each team in its specified group. However, Group B has already been dubbed by fans and media alike as the obligatory ‘Group of Death’.

Lunatic-Hai, who rank 1st in Asia and Misfits, who rank 1st in Europe, will compete against Afreea Freecs Red and LW Blue. Virtually every single team from the group would have decent chances of winning the entire tournament. With that said, the group’s matches will certainly be a joy to watch.

LW Blue versus Lunatic-Hai will be particularly interesting as the combined forces of LW Blue and LW Red have proven to be extremely effective against top-tier teams like Lunatic-Hai. Misfits, who have gone through several roster changes and recently received a substantial investment, may also get to represent Europe in the next rounds.

Seeing as how APEX will go on for months, speculating the winners from the get-go seems like a fool’s errand. Most of the participating teams have shown very strong resolve but their performance has certainly not been stable. EnVyUs, for instance, may have won Season 1 against Afreeca Freecs Blue but the latter team has shown a much more improved performance than their archenemy.

Regardless, each match of Season 2 will be available on Twitch from OGNGlobal’s channel. The first day will see MVP Infinity vs EnVyUs as well as LW Blue vs Misfits. In other words, fans should seriously consider tuning in for what promises to be a very exciting first day.

As we had previously reported, MonteCristo and DoA were set to cast APEX. However, MonteCristo is apparently experiencing some delays in visa processing and will not be able to cast during this first day of the tournament.

Instead, his usual co-host DoA will be joined by Seth ‘Achilios’ King. This is not the first time that the duo has cast together. The chemistry between MonteCristo and DoA may not be easily replaceable but I am certain that fans can wait for a few more days before the usual casting arrangements get sorted.

APEX Season 2 features a prize pool of $180,000, with the first team qualifying for $89,000. On top of that, each team will receive approximately $720 for each win and $180 for each loss. The participating teams and their corresponding groups follow below.


  • MVP Infinity
  • Meta Athena
  • BK Stars
  • EnVyUs


  • LW Blue
  • Lunatic-Hai
  • Afreeca Freecs Red
  • Misfits


  • KongDoo Uncia
  • Afreeca Freecs Blue
  • Cloud9


  • KongDoo Panthera
  • Runaway
  • Flash Lux
  • Fnatic

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