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Best Zed Plays 2017

Zed is quite balanced, he takes quite a while to get use too (That’s why his skill level is high). It takes practice to get good with Zed, mostly with his Living Shadow skill (W). His W increases his damage output tremendously, meanwhile the person using Zed will have to plan out his next move carefully after deploying the shadow. Most idiots just spam their skills after deploying his shadow, and leaving him with no energy. You’re actually suppose to plan it, if they run away poke them with your Q, if they’re coming towards you slow them with your E then go to your shadow, then R (Ulti) then Q, and E again since it should be off cooldown. That should either leave you with the ability to kill them, or ignite and get the kill.

However, that would be more late game. Early game Zed lacks damage and can’t really trade with his opponents in his lane, unless you’re jungling. Zed is similar to Vayne, no matter how badly you do early game, you can surely catch up and carry late game.

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