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How to play ADC in LoL

How to play ADC in LoL

The Attack Damage Carry, commonly known as ADC, is perhaps the most straightforward role in League of Legends. The name, after all, says everything you need to know. Your job is to build attack damage and unleash hell upon your opponents, hopefully with the help of your team as well.

Minions are your (tasty) friends

Farming is an undoubtedly important part of almost every lane in League of Legends. As the ADC, however, you have no other role in the early game except that. Your support is there simply to protect you so that you can farm and besting your lane opponent in this endeavor will determine whether you can take them on later or not.

Farming as an ADC is exceptionally challenging because you have to keep track of two opponents at the same time. However, you must never take your eyes off the prize; having more CS than your opponent is simply critical.

If you are not sure about your last-hitting abilities, the new Practice Tool is your friend here. Remember that every ADC is quite different in their last-hitting so you should be practicing as much as possible with your main champions. Being in a lane against two opponents is hard enough on its own but if you are also struggling with your mechanics, the lane is going to be impossible.

Know your enemies

Sometimes, single lanes can be won regardless of the matchup if one of the two players is far more skilled than the other. While this can also be true in the bot lane, matchups are incredibly important.

For instance, you should know that a Tristana will have an incredibly hard time against Caitlyn in the early game. If the opponent has a healer support and your early damage is weak, you should not be playing aggressively because you will be punished for it.

Knowing the matchups will allow you to focus on farming and becoming stronger so that you can contribute effectively to your team later in the game.

This also extends to the other champions in the enemy team. If you know that a jungler is highly likely to gank early on, do not push the lane. If you are aware of their position and can push effectively, then you might want to consider pushing your lane opponent under their tower so that you can harass them more easily and force them to lose CS.

Supports are your best friends

Too often, ADCs believe that they are the sole reason their lane is doing well and that their supports are the sole reason their lane is doing badly. Supports, however, are an ADC’s best friend.

Supports, whether you like it or not, have a crucial role to play in the bottom lane. They are far stronger than ADCs in the early game and can influence the lane in many respects. If your support is not the best player in the world, you should play to their strengths.

While it is not always easy to communicate in a fast-paced match, establishing a plan for the bottom lane can certainly help. As long as you can both work together so that you can farm, then the mid-game will come as a breeze because you will both be equipped with more gold and items than your opponents, allowing you to snowball into a victory.

Do not be a hero

This season has been very tough for ADCs but these champions can still dish out incredible damage under the right circumstances. The key, however, is to know your place. If you see an enemy Poppy, you should never attempt to engage alone, for instance. If you see the enemy carry overextending, ping your team for help and decimate them.

Positioning is incredibly important and you will always have to be aware of your range and how enemy champions work. Getting in range for Syndra’s ulti, for example, will allow you to shop with ease as you will be dead within a second.

In teamfights, you are there for one reason and one reason only: to do as much damage as possible before/without dying. As a carry with not a single defense item, save for a late-game Guardian Angel in some cases, you do not want to be caught out in the open, so do not try to be a hero.