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How to Play Mid in LoL

How to Mid in League of Legends

Mid is one of the most challenging lanes in League of Legends. It is a constant battle between you and your opponent where a single mistake can cost a lot for you and your team. Moreover, it provides room for some of the most diverse playstyles in LoL.

The 1v1

No matter how you cut it, the mid lane is all about outsmarting your opponent in every way possible. While others will certainly have an effect on your lane, and a jungler can definitely turn the tide against or in your favor, the end result is almost entirely up to you.

At the core of this, of course, is trading. This is one of those aspects where you will need to improve your mechanics by playing and learning from your mistakes. One thing that new players underestimate is predicting your opponent’ moves and reacting to them.

For instance, whenever your enemy goes in for a last hit, you must absolutely gauge whether you can punish them for it or not.

For example, a level 2 LeBlanc can destroy you if you push your luck too much. On the same note, a poking champion will play much differently than an assassin, and you need to be aware of the differences.

Management here is key. Waste too much mana early and you will not be able to punish your opponent if they make a considerable mistake. Allow yourself to be pushed back and you may lose the advantage from the get-go.

Play to your strengths

Being familiar with the current meta is very important in LoL, mostly because it allows you to take advantage of the strongest strategies as identified by some of the best players in the game. However, that does not mean you should follow it blindly.

For instance, Teleport might be an excellent choice for competitive play and organized teams but that does not mean it will work in solo queue. If you have learnt to rely on Ignite for teamfights, you might have a much harder time with a utility-based spell instead.

In addition to that, you should always be aware of map control. This means a host of different things. For one, smart players will stick to the side of the lane where their vision is strongest. Whenever an opponent seems to push you to one side, you should be aware of incoming ganks.

A well-placed pink ward on your side can make a world of difference because you will be forcing your opponent to stick to their own, instantly reducing the chances that you will be receiving a surprise guest.

Roam and roam some more

This is a crucial part of the mid lane that many players miss completely. Take this scenario as an example. You are playing as an assassin and you have a 1-kill advantage over your lane opponent. By pushing your wave and forcing your opponent to stay, you can freely roam around the map and try to strengthen your team in other areas as well.

Choosing where and when to roam is extremely important. While you may be tempted to help a lane that is not doing very well, for instance, you should consider the consequences first. If you believe that they can turn things around, then it might be a good choice. Otherwise, you should help your stronger allies snowball as this will give an advantage to your entire team.

You should also make sure that your team is prepared for your roaming and that you are entirely aware of what is happening in the map. Roaming only to get yourself killed helps no one and will instantly put your team at a disadvantage, especially if the enemies manage to take your tower.